Windows 95/98/ME

BearShare is an exciting new Windows file sharing program from Free Peers, Inc. that let's you, your friends, and everyone in the world share files!

Gnotella is clone of Gnutella, a distributed real time search and file sharing program.

A Gnutella clone for windows with advanced features and security

LimeWire is a multi-platform Gnutella client with nice features like auto-connect, browse host, multiple search, upload throttling, connection quality control, library management and sophisticated filtering.

A file sharing tool that uses all the networks out there (napster, gnutella, etc.) and works completely decentralized. Runs within IE5.

2 Find MP3
2 Find MP3 is another example MetaCrawler software that searches both http and ftp and verifies the results.

Scour Exchange
This software is currently being redesigned and made 'legal'. Look for a new version soon

A peer-to-peer software tool with it's own network and many napster-like features (for example a built-in mp3 player)

KaZaa Media Desktop
Another all-format peer-to-peer file sharing tool with all the usual features and it's own network

Audio Galaxy
Both software (sattelite) to search usercollections at their own machines and a webbased search through user's personal online collections, which resides on the Audio Galaxy servers

Another tool with it's own sharing networks but offering real good security and levels of sharing. Has integrated email and im.

Yet another tool with it's own sharing networks. Many cool features like animated skins. Worth a try

Share Sniffer
Share Sniffer is a program that searches for Microsoft Windows machines on the internet that have opened their shares to all users without a password.

Excellent piece of software that let's you connect to multiple napster-based servers at the same time

Generates a list of napster-based networks that are online and howmany gb's/users are present on the network.

WinMX is a FREE file-sharing program like no other. It allows you to simultaneously connect to many established networks based on the OpenNap and Napster protocols.

Integrates with your AOL Instant Manager and let's you search Napster, Gnutella, AOL and MSN networks for files





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