MP3 Sites
One of the most complete mp3 portals out there, which also offers free mp3 music by mostly unknown artists

Real MP3 Finder
Software based meta crawler

2 Find MP3
MetaCrawler software that searches both http and ftp and verifies the results. It is compatible with most ftp software.

Abe's MP3 Finder
Searches gnutella, scour exchange and ftp servers simultaniously

Finding media files from the web, Usenet and more. Instead of using a web page search engine to search to find multimedia files, you can use MediaGrab!

Metacrawler software that gets it's result from top search engines and offers compatibility with software like cuteftp, go!zilla and Get Right

WinMP3Locator is a software based meta crawler

MP3 Easy
Search songs by title and artist and has functionalities like asking songs in return for the ones downloaded from you.

Iwan's MP3 Finder
A FREEWARE program enabling you to search up to TEN MP3 search engines simultaneously, or display the results of up to FOUR MP3 search engines on one screen

Searching via multiple vertical metasearch engines, specialty searches and web category subjects.

WinMP3Locator searches for a song by the user-specified keywords in all popular MP3 search engines

ComTry MP3 Downloader
ComTry MP3 Downloader helps you to find your favorite MP3 files on the internet.






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