GTK-Gnutella    Gtk-Gnutella is a clone of Gnutella which needs GTK+ (1.2 or above). It is currently developed and tested under Linux (Debian 2.2).

Gnut    Gnut is a command-line client which implements the gnutella protocol. It supports all features available in the original Nullsoft client, as well as many others.

Hagelslag    Hagelslag is an implementation of GNUtella. The main goals for this implementation are flexibility, stability and performance.

Mojo Nation    Mojo Nation is a revolutionary new peer-driven content distribution technology, or so they say. It's software with a businessplan, check it out!

Gnutella    This website is the home of the software based on the original gnutella client by Winamp's Justin Frankel.

SnarfZilla    Snarfzilla is a Napster-like client which operates over Freenet. You can also browse Freenet in an HTML browser, like Fproxy, but securely, without access to the web in the browser.






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